Monthly Archives: March 2012

New LEGO Minifigure Catalogs

I am proud to announce the availability of three new Minifigure Catalogs. The books are available from CreateSpace, Amazon and as a eBooks from Lulu. I am in particular happy to be able to offer the 2011 Minifigures as a new companion book. You do not need to purchase another big book, but you can simply update you reference with this series of annual catalogs. The Harry Potter and Star Wars catalogs are specifically targeted to collectors that focus their collections and who have no need for a complete overview.

The three new catalogs use a new and improved design that shows multiple photographs and the associated meta data right next to each other. A price guide will offer you insights into the rarity of the Minifigures.

The App will also soon be updated to include the 2011 Minifigures. Stay tuned.

Another Merger

The NZ government declared that they want to merge three ministries, including Science and Innovation (MSI), into one super ministry. The last merger for MSI took more than a year to implement and during that time no funding proposals were accepted. I truly hope that this merger will not set research grants back by another year.