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Radio NPR reports on my robot research

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Alix Spiegel from National Public Radio (NPR) in the US reports today on our work on human-robot interaction. She reflected on our study on switching off a robot. It has been an honor to be in the same show as Professor Clifford Nass (Stanford University). Listen to the whole feature:

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Mac & LEGO

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Chris McVeigh combined two of my favorite things: a Cubic Mac (oh lets assume it is an SE30) and LEGO. What a great model!


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The New Scientist reports on my work on the uncanny valley

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The New Scientist in its January 12, 2013 edition included sections of an interview I did with them a month ago. Glad they finally printed it, but it is a pity that a one hour interview was cut to one paragraph. Oh well. At least it is in.

Too close for comfort

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Report on our Earthquake Simulator on Radio New Zealand

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Our work on the Earthquake Simulator was featured on Radio New Zealand on January 11th, 2013. You can listen to the broadcast here:

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