Health Mate App Has Many Problems Since Nokia Took Over From Withings

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I like my Withings products and the the associated Health Mate App has been a pleasure to work with in the past. Recently Nokia took over Withings and also rebranded the whole product range. They also gave the Health Mate App a complete new design. What really upsets me is that they did not manage to come even close to the functionality that Withings’ original Health Mate app offered. I received the following reply from Nokia after asking them where my swim tracking data had gone:

Below you will find a list of known issues that we are in the process of fixing:

  • Health Mate isn’t sending data to Apple Health
  • Historical weight data not displayed in app
  • Navigation and UI issues with weight data graphs
  • Temperature and CO2 widgets missing
  • Luminosity, Noise, and Temperature data not displayed for Aura users
  • Normal ranges for Weight, BMI, Body Composition not appearing in the app
  • Swim data missing from the app
  • Inability to BMI widget to Dashboard
  • Inability to set or edit alarms on the Aura
  • Inability to log food or access the Nutrition screens
  • Inability to link Health Mate to MyFitnessPal
  • Inability to edit your Profile (email address, height)
  • Inability to set or change a Reminder
  • Inability to link to MyFitnessPal

Note that this is the bugs they are currently working on, after they already released a bug fix on June 23rd (version 3.0.2). Why do they release an incomplete and buggy app? Yes, it looks fancy, but how about focusing on the functionality first? This is not a good sign for Withings products. I really hope that Nokia does not ruin their beautiful products.

UPDATE: 8 August 2017

My Health Mate App updated automatically and Nokia put up a rather apologetic message. I can’t test if all the functionality they promised now really works, but at least some connection to Runkeeper is now working. My Swimming data usually is displayed twice, which remains a bit of a bummer.

Nokia apologises

UPDATE 3 May 2018

And now Nokia is selling its health products back to the founder of Withings. A prime example of “company strategy”.



  1. I agree completely! Many people or patients like my self, could use the old app as a tool for medical discussion or change of f.ex BP medications. The layout is difficult for older people. Activity doesnt work and so on.
    This is a useless app, and I am very sorry they forced us to change!
    Withings customerservice was always very helpfull. Now Nokia delete the bad comments on their own app.
    Give us back the old app!


  2. I agree 100%. I’m already scouting the market for an alternative. Withings environment was great – all they had to do was swap the withings logo for a nokia logo and it would’ve been fine, then build/change from there. instead – we have trash, that makes my hardware investment into withings ecosystem feel like a waste.

  3. Like a fool I bought the heart pressure monitor and the scales – neither now work so I am hundreds of pounds out of pocket and can’t track my BP or weight. WTF? Why change things before they have solved the problems?

  4. Another angry user here… the new “nokia” App broke sync’ing for my Steel HR. They fixed it 2 days later. Less than a week has passed a V3.0.3 launches and guess what? Sync is broken once again.
    Speaks volumes about their change management and testing program!

  5. I had Withings Scale & Fitbit HR2, happy as a lark, now I’m SOL, nothing syncs, Healthmate app to me is worthless. Nothing works, try deleting a member. Never happen


    Anybody knows this?

    This new APP still not work. and as I mentioned earlier, many patients and doctors use this as a TOOL.
    Now is useless!

  7. What happened to all my previous recorded data?

  8. Same experience here.. I had the unfortunate idea of buying a new smart watch just a couple of weeks before the Nokia takeover. I was happy with my health app, my scale, my watch and blood pressure monitor, all of them from Withings. The last 8 weeks since buying the new watch (Steel HR).and the switch to Nokia nothing works properly anymore. I performed a factory reset of my watch as recommended by the help page and now the whole display is dead, shows me a running line, and that’s all. I get nothing but automatic thank you messages from the help desk, there is no phone line to call them..:
    I am frustrated and disappointed and want my money back.
    I consider switching to another system. Anyone suggestions?
    Garmin? Fitbit?

  9. I was really pleased with my Withings watch, bought last October, to monitor my steps, however this week the app on my iPad automatically changed to the Nokia Healthmate (which is not as good) but my phone has completely lost the app, and although I have tried many times, I can’t get it to re-install. Any ideas please?

  10. I have just taken mine back for a refund as since they took over cannot monitor sleep or get phone info and text info on my Steel HR. Really disappointed as loved my Withings!

    Shop I got it from said I wasn’t the first to return and get a refund!

  11. Loved my Withings weighing scales – got it last January easy to read app
    I hate new Nokia app- but I would put up with it if my scales reliably synced – which it doesn’t
    Can’t get Bluetooth connectivity
    Despite repeated reporting to Nokia no support

  12. Agree the Nokia app is useless. The blood pressure works okay. But the tracking is useless- it records distance but with a two or three hour delay. I used Withing for two years and it never missed a step

  13. I have the Withings scales, and their blood pressure monitor which connects to my iPad with a cable. All worked well until Nokia took over. Although the Withings scales still connect by wifi to the Withings app on my iPad (and also on the Nokia Health mate app) I’m having problems with the BP monitor. It won’t work with the WIthngs app anymore, and the Nokia app doesn’t want to connect. The only help suggestions from Nokia are regarding wireless BP monitors.

  14. I agree my Withings watch is now useless it doesn’t synch my sleep or activity, last updated on 10th July and it won’t synch further, doesn’t monitor correctly, splits sleep into naps and sleep, double counts when I have been swimming. Difficult to navigate don’t like the appearance. So glad to find it’s not just me, something of a technophobe, having difficulties.

  15. My friend had not done the upgrade. we login my account on both and compare the screens the difference is night and day. The old one has useful data easy to read the new ones just a picture Yes they should still offer the old app as an option
    i’m sure they’ll blame something else for loss of marketshare six months from now.

  16. My ap disappeared on my iphone. Quite an investment withe my Withings scale – useless now. Class action lawsuit???

  17. I am another very unhappy user. The nokia app is worse than useless and inferior to Withings in just anout every department. First of all it ‘updated’ me without asking my permission. Then it lost my BP monitor. In 3 weeks it has only worked once with the monitor. It is much slower in picking up step counts and is often inaccurate. Give me my withings app back please and test this mess before you think about reissuing it. No wonder the whole world stopped buying their cell phones!!

  18. My Aura and the sleep sensors aren’t working anymore, since NokiaHealth took over. I used the Withings sleep tracking tools for years – everything worked fine. Now it’s completely useless and waste of money. Stay away from NokiaHealth products – they can’t built software. It’s horrible.

  19. Why don’t they just bring back the original app? It provided a very clear and visually appealing feedback as the steps counter racked up the numbers till you passed your goal. Swimming and other metrics were great as well. Why buy a company and then destroy what made it valuable and appealing?

    If Nokia screws this up like they lost the plot in mobile phones then that is the end of their run and they belong in a business class case study along with Blackberry

  20. i totally agree with all the complaints. bought a cardio scale and auto sleep tracker which are both useless with the terrible health mate appp while the tithings app was ok. when will Nokia come with a prpersolution, or inform his clients about their policy and next steps?????

  21. Same here, upgraded to the top of range steel in April and now it is utterly useless, plus the watch steams up when washing the car so clearly unsuitable for swimming.
    At the very least Nokia should have contacted their customers to let them know what is going on. I have spent time trying to find and reload the old software and thought it was something Inhad done to uninstall it.
    If this is how Nokia treat their customers the message is obvious – Keep clear!
    I shall be seeking to return my watch for a full refund

  22. Add me to the list. Had not checked the Withings app for a few weeks and found years of weight and other data lost (though most still in iOS Health App). Why buy a product line only to kill it? Nokia – what is your plan to fix this?

  23. I hate Nokia, I decided to give away my Withings Activite Watch and now use my Garmin Fenix5s Saphire.

  24. I have a Withings wireless BP monitor with valuable data for my doctor on my BP monitoring history. With the Nokia app all this is gone and I can no longer use my expensive BP monitor using this app. Is there any other app that can do this. The Nokia app and the Nokia company suck!

  25. Absolutely disgraceful behavior from Nokia. They don’t inform customers of the take over and the plans for the company and forcefully updating their crappy app over the wonderful withings app. The way I see it, Nokia has lost the plot and soon will end up killing withings. I was always hoping that someone like Apple would buy them, as they had that nice Apple feel to their products. Unfortunately, they seem to have been brought out by a failing company that is Nokia!

  26. I can no longer use my Withings Scale since Nokia took over. Time to hunt for a new WiFi enabled scale. If Nokia’s plan was to kill Withings then I think they are succeeding.

  27. I concur on all of the previous complaints. My recently bought Body Cardio Scales works but the new Nokia app doesn’t. And no data is being passed on to the Apple Health app. So what’s the point? It’s infuriating. Nokia, please give us the option to re-install the old Whitings app.

  28. I had similar experiences w my Steel HR, it will not sync with the app on sleep or walk, etc, I actually exchanged my watch, and was still having same issues until the last app release. Other challenges include recording sleep data when I was not even wearing the watch.
    Really disappointed with Nokia, doesn’t look like they do any testing before any releases.

  29. I got the Pop watch and enjoyed useing it but since Nokia took ovet, nothing works or is easy ad with Withings! Bought also the security cam and it doesn’t work either. Blood pressure machine doesn’t work properly either and lost my old records that I kept for my doctor! Ridiculous! If Nokia had just left everything as it was before, all would be well! It is very upsetting and annoying and I don’t even want to think all the money I wasted on all these items!

  30. Thank God I found this page …was about to the purchase the HR steel a couple of minutes ago … sad that good things don’t last!

    Thank you all for your feedback…I just saved USD$200.

  31. Where’s my historical data gone, I’ve spent years collecting this and need to use it for my annual medical review next week and it’s all gone!!! You utter idiots Nokia

  32. I agree… Nokia has ruined Withings. And, I just upgraded to the Steel HR shortly before Nokia took over. Immediately upon the update to the Nokia app, I no longer get sleep data. Now, the worst problem yet…. I was not able to charge my watch for several days and it died. Once I did recharge it, I tried to reset the time (using the app, as you are supposed to) and doesn’t work. The hands do not move no matter what I do…. So now I cannot even TELL THE TIME!!! This thing is truly useless now.

  33. Nokia seemed to manage to destroy my HR Steel watch and are now making a refund

    They seem to have managed to ruin everything. Even the data I manually enter for BP is now multiplied by 100 when exported to CSV

    I am really shocked and also very disappointed

    When my lovely Swiss Activite dies, I suppose it will be Apple watch time

    Nokia killed Withings

  34. I think I’m one of the ‘lucky’ ones. I changed phones at the same time as the app update. New phone has new app, old phone old app. As well as the disappointment that everyone else has been going through; today my pop had gained time and new app could not connect to it to rectify, even with watch factory reset.
    In my panic (I love the look of my watch, I’ve bought extra straps) I reached for old phone.
    Thank goodness.
    Farewell and RIP to the old functionality of the once amazing Withings watch that I loved. At least I still have a pretty watch I suppose.
    So sad that Nokia won’t seem to admit defeat and give us back the old app until they can fix their mistakes, you can change the logo if you like – just give back what we all had.
    I’ve also been in email contact with Nokia to ask about this mess. They have suggested I use this …

    So perhaps we should all go there too.

  35. Nokia lost the cellphone market to smart phone. They want to come back with a smart phone, but do they know what they are doing. Turning a good and working app into an useless garbage. Don’t expect too much with their upcoming smart phone.

  36. Thank you for this site. I don’t normally write reviews or contribute to forums but I am so very disappointed in the new healthcare site that I wanted to add my thoughts in the hope Nokia make some change fast. The main problem I have is the weight graph. I used to love adding my weight each morning and evening, and enjoyed setting myself challenges. I can’t really see the new graph very well, it’s too small and it ranges over such a long time period that it’s basically useless to me. Now I just have a beautiful withings watch, which looks great, but I don’t use the app any more and (although it’s not an excuse) I’m walking less and putting on weight. What a complete disappointment from Nokia. On so many levels. It’s like an intern developed the app, with no reference to UX data or knowledge… poor, poor, poor :(

  37. They have completely broken the product. Can we sue them? It was a great scale, but now I can’t use it.

  38. Another disgruntled scale owner here. The Nokia interface is horrible and I totally miss the functionality of what withings offered previously. Very disappointed and think I’m just going to go back to some dial scales and forget about the body fat reading. I can no longer view the fat mass on the scale in lb. Forced into a percentage readout and the syncing features for myfitnesspal etc have all gone out of the window.

  39. This worked for me….. You maybe lucky, ( I still hadn’t synced my iphone with my iMac, & iTunes, so still had the old Withing app on the iMac.) So if you can source the old withings 2.10.1.ipa you can roll back to the old withings app by deleting the nokia health mate app from the iphone & placing the withings 2.10.1.ipa file in the folder where iTunes stores your sync’d apps on your mac /pc. Also move the Nokia Health Mate app (.IPA) from that folder. In iTunes options set not to sync as soon as iphone connected, do this manually (I use cable not WiFi). Reconnect your iphone to your MAC / PC ….. fire up iTunes it should then see the old Withings “HEALTH MATE” app, & click to install. Then DONE, Then APPLY… it then re installs the Withings app. I just then logged in with my user id & password ok.

  40. And the reason the Nokia brand died a death and should have stayed dead was……… crap development poorly thought out role outs and lack of planning.

    Hopefully this will be the nail in the coffin

  41. Totally gutted with this now my activity pop doesn’t work, blood pressure don’t work
    All I get is weight on scales.

    Now looking to get rid of all my withings stuff and move over to another brand.

  42. HERE HERE… this new experience is horrible. having been a customer since 2012.

    they should have just left the functionality alone.

  43. My activity section on the app just reset itself to 1 Jan 1970 with all activity deleted.

  44. I too used to be a happy satisfied Withings customer but since Nokia took over Withings my Blood Pressure Monitor has ceased to function. I am in email correspondence every 3/4 days over last 3 weeks with their Customer Service department but they appear to be incapable of resolving the issue.
    My strong advice to potential customers – do not commit until this problem is resolved.

  45. Not much else to say here that has not already been said … just follow the trail … Withings … Nokia … Microschlock …

  46. I have had aortic valve replacement surgery and had been using the Health Mate app on my iPhone 4S. I liked Withings because 1) they actually worked well; and 2) they were backwards compatible with the 4S phone. Problems are i] now the app doesn’t work AT ALL – ii] my 3 years of data are not available to me (not even an option to access the data on the cloud – WTF??) and iii] an incompetent, morally bankrupt, completely inept brand manager is destroying one of the fundamental tools patients and doctors use on a recurring basis, multiple times per day. From the brand manager on up to the chairman and board — SHAME on you Nokia – stand up and admit the failure, and return the original software build to your customers. Then take small, incremental steps.

  47. I was very happy with the Withings app, but now I can no longer use my watch with my phone! Very disappointed as I purchased my watch a few months ago, only to have it no longer work. Such a shame as it used to work brilliantly, but now it’s useless. I wish they’d bring the original app back. Disappointed and angry. Feel like I’ve been cheated,

  48. I had to remove the app from my iPad and the-install to take my blood pressure. Kept getting an WPM 01 error. Worked flawlessly since 2013. Sounds like Nokia has been playing around with it and buggered things up.
    After re-installing the app, it works fine. Thier FAQ site that it kept directing me to never helped me a bit. Had to figure it out on my own.

  49. 100% agree. The new website and mobile app is such a step back in the data it provides. I really liked the way you could modify the historical data into an easy to view format. Not happy.

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