Health Mate App Has Many Problems Since Nokia Took Over From Withings

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I like my Withings products and the the associated Health Mate App has been a pleasure to work with in the past. Recently Nokia took over Withings and also rebranded the whole product range. They also gave the Health Mate App a complete new design. What really upsets me is that they did not manage to come even close to the functionality that Withings’ original Health Mate app offered. I received the following reply from Nokia after asking them where my swim tracking data had gone:

Below you will find a list of known issues that we are in the process of fixing:

  • Health Mate isn’t sending data to Apple Health
  • Historical weight data not displayed in app
  • Navigation and UI issues with weight data graphs
  • Temperature and CO2 widgets missing
  • Luminosity, Noise, and Temperature data not displayed for Aura users
  • Normal ranges for Weight, BMI, Body Composition not appearing in the app
  • Swim data missing from the app
  • Inability to BMI widget to Dashboard
  • Inability to set or edit alarms on the Aura
  • Inability to log food or access the Nutrition screens
  • Inability to link Health Mate to MyFitnessPal
  • Inability to edit your Profile (email address, height)
  • Inability to set or change a Reminder
  • Inability to link to MyFitnessPal

Note that this is the bugs they are currently working on, after they already released a bug fix on June 23rd (version 3.0.2). Why do they release an incomplete and buggy app? Yes, it looks fancy, but how about focusing on the functionality first? This is not a good sign for Withings products. I really hope that Nokia does not ruin their beautiful products.

UPDATE: 8 August 2017

My Health Mate App updated automatically and Nokia put up a rather apologetic message. I can’t test if all the functionality they promised now really works, but at least some connection to Runkeeper is now working. My Swimming data usually is displayed twice, which remains a bit of a bummer.

Nokia apologises

UPDATE 3 May 2018

And now Nokia is selling its health products back to the founder of Withings. A prime example of “company strategy”.



  1. Relieved I am not the only unhappy customer !
    As of Today no sync to Apple Health of Heart Rate tracking, no way to export it !

  2. Not able to connect to non of my Apple devices :/

  3. Ever since Nokia redesigned the app, I am having a lot of problems. Currently it has been “looking” for my watch for two days…..

  4. Its a disaster this with Nokia. They have destroyed a very nice company.

  5. My Withings active watch has never kept time since it was purchased and neither does the replacement. It’s not just losing a few minutes a day but goes wildly out of time suddenly being hours out. Has anyone else had this problem?
    When I originally reported the issue I went through months of correspondence with Nokia where they asked me to do the same troubleshooting over and over again. Eventually Nokia agreed to replace the watch. I live in Australia, I had to return the watch to Paris. Nokia would not deliver to Australia so they sent the replacement to relatives in England who posted it on to me, more weeks. Then the replacement Withings Active would not sync with my iPhone I was asked to try linking it with other phones including Android.. androids could detect it but not iPhones. Then they sent me a trial revised healthmate app and I finall got the watch synced to my iPhone. Only to find it did not keep time. Back to square one, but not wanting to go through the same farcical rigmarole yet again, I gave up and as just using the watch as a step counter.
    My husband however who had given me the watch as a gift decided to go back to Nokia and guess what, same trouble shooting suggestions over and over with no resolution whatsoever.
    I need to add in all fairness that my husband has a Nokia Steele which has always kept time. We also have a BP monitor which has difficulty syncing to iPhones but does eventually after several tries and, also the Withings weighing scales which actually work well without any issues, so we have been using Withings technology for a few years. We felt very much as everyone did when Nokia took over that the revised healthmate app was not as good as the Withings version it replaced.
    It has been 10 months now since I originally reported the problem with my watch and I am extremely disappointed I consider the Active watch and Nokia aftercare services complete and utter rubbish!

  6. When I received the email from Nokia stating Withings Co-Founder Eric Carreel has purchased the Nokia’s digital health business, I was relieved. Nokia has turned the Withings brand/company into worthless junk. All of my Withings branded products are constantly having pairing/syncing issues – a problem not experienced prior to takeover.

    Hurry up Eric and turn this catastrophe around because many (if not most) of your loyal customers appear frustrated and leaving. We are not happy with Nokia.

  7. I have a Withings scale, apple watch and iphone. As of May 19th my weights have stopped syncing to the healthmate app from my scale. Is this part of the buggy app ya’ll are talking about??

  8. Has this improved at all? Love the look of the Nokia hr & on the verge of buying one but I’m used to a Fitbit

  9. My Health Mate app has stopped syncing my weights from Withings scale since May 28th, 2018. Does anybody know how to fix it?

  10. The health app isn’t syncing with my with its scale. HELP

  11. My Nokia steel hr does not receive any notification from my android smartphone, but pairing is good. Why..?

  12. So glad someone made a site for us to complain . This is literally the worst device ever. Completely useless. It should at least work as a basic thermometer if the app is too stupid to connect to your device. But nope. It can’t even take a basic measurement. But I had to promise to give Nokia all sorts of intrusive permissions. I will never buy a Nokia product again. Not even if someone gives it away.

    Someone should make it illegal for people to hire each other as directors and ceos. Too much conflict of interest. Very insenstuous and all the same families end up owning everything, and paying each other unjustifiable salaries while they rob our public companies blind and run them to the ground, all the while donating to bad politicians who will give them political favors and tax breaks..

  13. My Whithings watch has suddenly stipped synching with my android even after a battery change. It jusy keeps looking for my watch. Never had this issue before.

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