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Misbehavior Exhibition

Katja Rosenberg has put together an amazing show entitled “Misbehavior” at the CMR Gallery in Redruth. The project features contributions by members of CMR and other artists from Britain including London, Manchester Cambridge and Margate, as well as from from Germany, France, Slovenia, Portugal, New Zealand and the United States. The show will be on October 8-29, 2014. If you are around, check it out. Or download the complete catalog. This is my second art object that is being displayed. Yeah!

The highest Jenga Tower Ever

Saki and me had a good daddy and daughter morning and we decided to build the tallest Jenga tower ever. This is of course not based on playing the game, but based on using only the blocks in the original set. Our tower was 144 cm high. Can you build a taller tower?

144 cm Jenga tower

144 cm tall Jenga tower

128.6 cm tall Jenga tower

128.6 cm tall Jenga tower

A 97.2 cm tall Jenga tower

A 97.2 cm tall Jenga tower

The complete map

Topographical LEGO Map of Middle Earth

For the Christchurch Brick Show 2014 I build a Topographical LEGO Map of Middle Earth. I measures 2×2 meters and consists of 7 levels. It took approximately 30.000 bricks and four months to build the map. All the main characters of both books are presented on the map as minifigures. Even the path of the ring is illustrated through a breadcrumb style line of golden 1×1 round bricks. The map is accurate as much as a map of a fantastic land can be. I heavily consulted The Atlas of Middle-Earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad. This project was made possible through a strategic grant of LUG 4/2. I also created an album at Flickr for this MOC.