University of Canterbury 2013 Bridge Building Competition

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Here are some fun scenes from today’s Bridge Building Competition. The water was freezing and all students took a dive.

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Panorama of Kaikoura

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We visited Kaikoura and took a quad bike tour. We ended up on the coast with an amazing view:

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What if… we accepted robots as our equals

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Presenting another of UC’s thought provoking ‘What If’ wednesday public lectures. In this lecture, Christoph Bartneck poses the question “What if… we accepted robots as our equals”

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PaPeRo Arrived

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Our research project with NEC is taking shape. Today, PaPeRo arrived at UC!

PaPeRo arrived today

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The BIG LEGO show

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It is done. We organized the first BIG LEGO show in Christchurch: LABS2012 Rebuild. It has been a major effort and I still need to calm down from the enormous success. We had thousands of visitors and were able to make a significant donation. Maybe in a couple of weeks we can start thinking about the 2013 event.

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PhD defense of Alex Juarez

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Today I participated in Alex’s PhD defense through a video conference setup. Worked very well and saved me four days in the airplane. Congratulations to Alex and technology.


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