That’s a bit racist

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TVNZ reported on our work in their documentary “That’s a bit racist“. Our work was shown in the second episode. Here it is for your reference.

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Interview at UXPod with Gerry Gaffney

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Gerry Gaffney over at UXPod interviewed me about Robots, AI and Ethics. The transcript is available on his web page. Listen to our conversation below.

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Interview with Jesse Mulligan on Radio NZ

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Jesse Mulligan interviewed me on our study Robots and Racism. It is good to see this topic is gaining some traction in the media.


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Interview with Radio ABC about Robots and Racism

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Damien Carrick from ABC’s National Radio Show interviewed me about our Robots and Racism study. You can listen to the whole interview:


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Are you also a Truman?

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Don Rowe wrote an excellent article about Jürgen’s and my work and ask the question, are you also just a Truman? Valid and important point. Have a read of the full article.

Talking to a robot.

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Media Coverage on Fake Nuclear Physics Paper

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The media has reported extensively on my little nuclear physics paper. Here is a short overview:

I have also completed and interview with Geoff Hutchison from ABC Radio Perth:

Radio CBC:

Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand:

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