Welcome to this 360° panoramic tour!

A sad but true experience is that traditional photos never capture the monumental view of the Egyptian temples. The panoramic photography technology provides a method to get a much better image of the sites and through the interaction with the panoramas you really get the feeling of being there. Sit back and enjoy your virtual tour through the temples of Egypt! Don't hesitate to send me your comments.



The largest and most impressive temple complex in Egypt.



The Pharaohs, Greek, Roman, Christians and Moslems left their traces in this beautiful temple.


Tomb of Ramses III

Only parts of this tomb are open to the public. Well preserved carvings and paintings.



This temple is dedicated to the god Chnum. The capitals in the Hypostyl Hall are individually decorated.


Dedicated to Horus. Including a panorama of the chapel of Mut, Horus' mother.


Kom Ombo

The temple is split up in two equal parts. One is dedicated to Sobek and the other to Haroeris.


This temple, dedicated to Isis, was saved from the floods caused be the construction of the high dam of Assuan by relocating it to the nearby island Agilkia.



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