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The history of Tuscany dates back to the Bronze and Iron Age. Ruins of villages from that period exist to this day in various parts of the region. The long and rich history permeates the land with a flavour that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Driving through the vast green land of Tuscany, one almost awaits Michaelangelo’s carriages filled with giant marble blocks from hills surrounding Carrara, rolling slowly towards Florence. Thanks to Dante and Giotto Tuscany, and especially Florence, gave their decisive contribution to the birth of Italian Renaissance. Until 1737, Tuscany was governed by the Medici. Then it was passed to the Lorenas, who held the reign until 1859. The Lorenas were open-minded and liberal, and contributed to the prosperity of Tuscany, turning it into one of the richest regions in Italy. They governed the area for over 100 years and during the Italian Risorgimento many patriots and writers found political asylum in Tuscany. Until Rome became the new capital of Italy in 1870, Florence was the seat of the government for five years. Consequently, it became the centre of politics and culture. From that moment on, the history of Tuscany became one with the history of Italy to which it belonged, even though it preserved, and still does to the present day, a certain amount of autonomy that distinguishes it from the rest of the country.

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