Remote Control iTunes

Control iTunes from any old computer or handheld device. This SE30 Skin for webRemote iTunes displays wonderfully even on small black & white screens. It also looks great on Palm Pilots and Pocket PCs.

Screen Shot
Screen Shot

There are several different ways to remote control iTunes. Since iTunes 4 you are able to share your MP3 music library over LAN. Other Macs with iTunes on it can access it and stream down their desired music. However, iTunes has high system requirements that disqualifies any OS before Mac OS X. Also, you cannot control iTunes from Non Apple computers, such as Windows PCs or Palm Pilots. Particularly the handheld computers with Wireless Network connectivity, such as the Palm Tungsten C, are excellent remote controls. Imagine to sit on your coach an operate iTunes via a Palm. Sweet!

DeadEnd Software has released the webRemote iTunes software to do exactly that. It runs a little server on your Mac that controls iTunes. Over a web browser you can access the server and take control. This works platform independent.

The problem with old Macs or handheld devices are the small screen size, the low color depth and slow processors. Therefore I developed a SE30 Skin for webRemote iTunes that will works great on every old Mac or PDA. It occupies little screen space and is designed completely in black and white. I run it on my old Mac SE30 that only has a 9” black & white screen. The interface actually looks like an SE30 with Mac OS 7.5 which is quite funny to display on a windows computer.

To remote control iTunes you first need to:

  • Download webRemote iTunes (shareware)
  • Download the SE30 skin (8KB, for free)
  • Follow the instruction in webRemote iTunes to install the skin.

last updated July 1, 2005 by Christoph Bartneck