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The Exhibition of Groninger Museum in December 2000

Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin
05.11.2000 - 25.03.2001

Mendini Section level 0 and 1

"The memory of a day is more important than its photograph". This quote is surprisingly not from somebody who is presenting a snap shot, but from Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, talking about their work on fashion photography.

"The work with models is special. You project something but you also gain a lot in return. During the work you are in a close and intimate relationship. Mutual trust builds up." This trust is an essential part of their work, which repeatedly is expressed, in the scarce interviews with them. In an interview in 1992, for instance, Inez van Lamsweerde explained: "The interaction with the model is awkward. If I am embarrassed then I cannot draw something out of the model. Unless it is a somebody particular vain who gets going automatically. But that is not so interesting. To photograph somebody means to conquer somebody. To expose each other. I think it is wonderful to say 'lift your hand' and the hand really moves up. Somebody gives his/her complete trust. I do have great respect for that."

In 1988 Matadin commented on an unpublished portfolio of pictures: "All these people give themselves completely away. This devotion depends on the trust between the photographer and the model, which in the case of van Lamsweerde and Matadin often builds on friendships. This always produces extraordinary pictures no matter if it is a "Vital Statistic" or a recent portrait of the more subtle beauty of their favorite models.


Topographica Groningana of the 18th century
16.09.2000 - 07.01.2001

Mendini Section Level 1

Topographic prints of Groningen by 18th-century artists such as Pronk, Beckeringh, and Bulthuis.


Merijn Bolink
18.11.2000 - 15.04.2001

Himmelb[l]au Section

At this moment, Bolink belongs to the youngest generation of leading Dutch sculptors. In addition to 'readymades', Bolink mainly creates artworks from existing objects that he dismembers and reassembles, thus transforming them into new sculptures.


The Pomp of Groningen
30.09.2000 - 30.09.2001

Starck Section

The desire to flaunt with prestige objects existed at any time and almost everywhere in the world. These objects have, besides their functional aspects, the task to impress with wealth, elegance and identity. Also Groningen knew and knows such prestige objects. The Martin Tower is probably the most famous example. Its task is to point to god, show the time, function as bell tower and lookout and of course to impress. Thus it is the second highest church tower of the Netherlands.

The arts and craft collection of the Groninger Museum contains many such objects and a selection is presented in the Starck Pavillion.

Frequent visitors of the museum will find surprising new treasures besides well known exhibits. The cabinets contain glas objects, porcelain and silver vases. Furniture, a precious blanket and golden church books are presented in several locations.


Viktor & Rolf
Haute Couture, 1998-200

DeLucchi Section

The creations of the fashion design duo Viktor & Rolf are standing in the darkness of the DeLucchi Pavilion, which was original dedicated to the history of Groningen and classical art. The exhibited compilation from the last five couture seasons is part of the collection of the Groninger Museum. It is the result of an arrangement, started in 1998, between the Groninger Museum and the designer duo to systematically archive their creations in a museum context.For the designers this means, besides a certain financial security, mainly acknowledgment and trust.
After two year Victor and Rolf can look back on worldwide publications in all international fashion magazins, a place in the calender of the previously so conservative and prestige concerned Chambre Syndicale de la Parisienne and the particular successful presentation of a Pret-a-porter line, which second collection will be available in the shops soon. Victor and Rolf belong with their non- conformist designs to the revivers and most exiting Courturies of our time.