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Over the years I designed posters for conferences, papers and projects. A selection of my designs is available below. I will try to keep the list up to date.

Comment Spam

Allowing visitors to your website to post comments is a great way to allow interaction between visitors. However, it is also used by spammers. The most recent strategy for comment spam is to make a generic positive comment and hope that this form of flattery will go by undetected. Here is an example:

“This is a good post, which features worthwhile information. If you invest your time in reading this, article it really worth it. This article starts in a perfect way. The author has full grip on the topic through out the article. I like the way in which writer has ended his article. It is not a regular useless post in which even writer is not sure that what exactly he wants to say.”

This text was an actual comment to one of my posts. It is difficult for spam filters to flag this kind of comments and I am getting a bit annoyed. Please spammers, stop posting! We all like flattery, but we are not stupid!

Robot Drama

Today we had the privilege to see Hiroshi Ishiguro’s “Robot Drama” in the Yamamoto Nohgakudo in Osaka. This event was part of the HRI2010 conference. The play itself was amazing and the following discussion in the theater between Ishiguro, the actors and the audience was funny and insightful.

Robot Drama

Robot Drama

Research careers in academia and industrie

In this short presentation I give practical tips for making a career as a researcher in academia and industry. I present sobering facts about the structure of research organizations and highlight important strategies. I gave this presentation at the Young Researchers career panel at the HRI2010 conference in Osaka.