Research Projects

Design Projects

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  • Wordovators | Since 2012
    Understanding the influence of robots on the development of language
  • Die Drei Fragezeichen | Since 01/2002
    Overview of all the episodes of this audio book series, including links to
  • EURASIPAC | 2009-2011
    Improving the collaboration between Europe, Asia and the Pacific Area
  • Metaverse1 | Since 2008
    Global standards among real and virtual worlds, Metaverse1 Blog, Project Page
  • Academic Conference Travel Guide | Since 2006
    Tips and items that make your conference trip more pleasurable.
  • Design and Science |  2004 – 2010
    Study into the relationship between Design and Science.
  • Metaphysics of Quality | 2005 – 2010
    Study on the importance of Robert M. Pirsig’s work for design.
  • Alice | 2007 – 2010
    A study on cultural computing.
  • Interactive Vision Studio | 2008- 2010
    An installation for interactive performances.
  • Enjoy your Mac | 2006- 2010
    A list of the most enjoyable applications for your Mac.
  • Digital Media Center | 09/2004
    My report on setting up an home entertainment system based on myHTPC and Mini-ITX.
  • Industrial Design Research Wiki | 07/2003
    A cooperative writing environment that I initiated and maintain.
  • The QTVR Worlds of Christoph Bartneck | 1998- 2010
    Interactive Panoramic Photography based on the QuickTime VR technology.
  • Affective Computing Portal | 2001-2005
    A collection of links on people, projects and conferences on the topic.
  • Museum Media Project | 2005
    This project investigates the possibilities of an PDA based museum guide.
  • TelMeA Theatre | 2003
    An asynchronous internet communication system in cooperation with Toru Takahashi.
  • Participant Database |  2004
    Database of experiment participants at the TU/e
  • Remote Control iTunes | 2003
    An SE30 Skin for the webRemote iTunes software that allows you to remote control iTunes.
  • Internet Radio | 2003
    Summary of the Internet Radio Projects at the TU/e.
  • The Twelve Divine Generals | 2002
    Protect your computer with the power of the Divine Generals.
  • The small world | 2001
    Pictures taken with my QX3 microscope.
  • Digital Depression | 1998
    A little piece of digital art about the depression of a computer nerd.
  • Homer Simpson | 07/1997
    3D computer rendering of Homer Simpson created with Alias Wavefront.
  • CD-ROM LEGO Box 8230 “Miami Beach Control” | 10/1996
    3D computer animated building instructions for the LEGO model.
  • Lego Website | 12/1998
    The website of the toy company that i worked on.
  • CD ROM Landtag Niedersachsen | 02/1997
    A CD-ROM I produced for the Referat für Presse und Öffentlichkeitesarbeit, Landtag Niedersachsen, Hannover, Germany
  • Ghost | 01/1996
    A Belt Buckle design inspired by PacMan, PDF 56KB

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