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Various newspapers reported about my work. The articles might be available through their websites. In addition, some authors mention my work in their books.

Short Biographie

Dr. Christoph Bartneck is an associate professor and director of postgraduate studies at the HIT Lab NZ of the University of Canterbury. He has a background in Industrial Design and Human-Computer Interaction, and his projects and studies have been published in leading journals, newspapers, and conferences. His interests lie in the fields of Social Robotics, Design Science, and Multimedia Applications. He has worked for several international organizations including the Technology Centre of Hannover (Germany), LEGO (Denmark), Eagle River Interactive (USA), Philips Research (Netherlands), ATR (Japan), Nara Institute of Science and Technology (Japan), and The Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands). Christoph is a member of the New Zealand Institute for Language Brain & Behavior, the IFIP Work Group 14.2 and ACM SIGCHI.

Christoph Bartneck has an outstanding publication record, including leading journals and conferences. Christoph is serving as an associate editor for the International Journal of Social Robotics, the International Journal of Human Computer Studies, and the Entertainment Computing Journal. He has been a member of the program committee of the Human-Robot Interaction conference for several years. He organized several workshops at the CHI conference and is frequently invited as a speaker for symposia and conferences. He has been invited to present his work by Carnegie Mellon University, the Future University Hakodate, the University of Venice, the Stedelijk Museum and the Pictopia Festival. The press regularly reports on his work, including the New York Times, New Scientist, Natuurwetenschap & Techniek, Volkskrant and Dutch national television and radio stations.


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Christoph Bartneck


Christoph Bartneck