Visual Story Telling Course

Visual Story Telling is an important skill for designers. It is necessary to illustrate scenarios, create meaningful instructions and product explanations on posters. The rapid developments in the area of 3D modeling and rendering move the focus from classical illustrations to animated stories. Examples of such work are animated building instructions and product presentations.

Being able to actually SEE each scene and every detail within it, including the perspective of the camera, the lighting and the flow within the movie requires great attention. To gain sensitivity for these aspects, the tempo of the movie needs to be reduces. Stop-animation is the perfect way to enable the students to design and perceive every scene in detail.


  • A tutorial on how to export your movie from Premiere (Windows) to the DV format which can be used on a Mac to create a DVD: Exporting Movie in DV format





Hall of Honor

The following movies desever a place in the Hall of Honors. Click on the pictures to play the movies.

Murphy’s Lego Laws

Alain Mertens
A flying object will always land
where it can do the most damage
by Alain Mertens
Jeroen Verhoeven
Bob the Space Cowboy
by Jeroen Verhoeven
Harborg Dogs
Harbor Dogs
by Pieter Weterings

Cowboy Cormano in the Bank Robbery
by Frank de Jong

Stormtroopers’ Life

Tijn Koijmans & Niko Vegt
Star Wars Double Trouble
by Tijn Koijmans & Niko Vegt
Eric Toering
Bob the Space Cowboy
Eric Toering

Flying Spaghetti Monster

Guus Rammeloo
The Tower of Scrapple
by Guus Rammeloo

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  1. Eej everyone,

    I have been searching for the program “stop motion pro” (on a creative way ;) ) but I haven’t found any usefull files.

    Has someone else been lucky finding stop motion pro?

    my email is

    For the mac users, I did found a version of boinx istopmotion so if you want it send me an email.


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