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Firmware update for Drobo FS repairs Time Machine support

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The release of  Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) made it difficult, if not impossible, to use a Drobo FS as a backup destination for Time Machine. The forums were full of frustrated users that had bought the Drobo FS in the believe that the marketing was actually true. Drobo released a firmware update (2.1) but this did not work for me and many others users. I already suspected that Drobo had given up supporting the Drobo FS, but today I noticed that a new firmware (2.1.1) appeared. I updated both the firmware and the desktop client and this fixed the problem. After six months of having to use an external hard drive for my backups, I was finally able to use the Drobo FS again for what I intended it to be.

But I am still disappointment by the lack of updates for Firefly and Fuppes. Both apps do sound very nice, but they are so outdated that they do not play nice with the latest release of iTunes or other media streaming clients. Again, the Drobo marketing does not live up to reality.

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FacetreeWe are proud to announce that we released the Facetree software. Facetree enables you to cross-reference genealogical data with people in photographs. It helps identifying faces in photographs through a context filter based on genealogical data. The results of the identification are then stored in the meta data of the image using the XMP standard.

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Microsoft Photosynth

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I like Microsoft’s Photosynth for the iPhone. It is a really quick way of creating and sharing panoramic photography. This was the first reason I ever had to install Silverlight. I posted several panoramas from our recent trip in New Zealand.

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