LEGO Unikitty MOC in lifesize

This is my latest MOC: A LEGO Unikitty! It is 180cm tall and features a rotating head and sparkly eyes. It took several month from planning to finish and I never used as many pink bricks in my life. Still, the color combination is just sooo cute. The neck uses my LEGO compatible thrust ball bearing.You can now purchase the LEGO Digital Designer LXF file for only 50 NZD so that you can build the Unikitty yourself. Just pay via PayPal and I will email you the file:

Have a look at the video to see how it works:

Here are some photographs and the full resolution photos are available at Flickr. I also included a screenshot from LEGO Digital Designer and a render from Bluerender.


There is also a Saint Etienne Version of the video:

15 thoughts on “LEGO Unikitty MOC in lifesize”

  1. Hi Christoph

    Great model truly amazing thinking about giving it go may take 6 years to purchase the parts on my budget but patience’s will prevail. One question though is the model free standing or was some adhesive needed. I have also downloaded the Auto Desk software signed up but cannot retrieve the bearing 3d file any suggestions.



  2. Out of curiosity, can this model be built without the thrust ball bearing part?

  3. This is a super MOC!! Wow!

    My daughter is a big Unikitty fan. This would be a great project to do together.

    Any idea how much the bricks would cost in total?
    Is there a partslist included? Thanks!

  4. Hello,
    I sell the instructions and part list as a LEGO Digital Designer file. The software is free to use and directly available from LEGO. It would cost more than $1000 to build it.

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