Easy LEGO Mindstorms Spirograph

Posted by on Jul 18, 2017 in Design, LEGO, Technology | 10 comments

Ever since I created the Spirograph Automaton I remained interested in drawing machines. For this years Christchurch Brick Show I wanted a more compact, easier to build version of the Spirograph. This time I used three motors instead of just one. Controlling the speed of both arms and the table was very easy this way. The Spirograph worked reliably throughout the whole show. The MinuteBot baseplate makes the construction even easier. The building instruction are available for LEGO Digital Designer. More information is available at Rebrickable.


  1. Hi, this project looks interesting can I have the building instructions for this project?


  2. Hello,
    The instructions are linked at the top of the web page. They are available in the LDD format.

  3. Hey I cant find the link for the instruction … could und send it to me please ?

  4. I fixed the link in the web page and you can now download the lxf file which you can open in LEGO Digital Designer. Good luck with the build.

  5. What are the dimensions of the base on which the paper is placed?

  6. I already took the model apart, so you need to download the lxf file and check it out in LEGO Digital Designer or Stud.io.

  7. Hi, may I know how does the program work?

  8. Can the model be converted into an EV3 model instead of a NXT model?

  9. Can I have the program for it ?

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