Flags of all countries in vector format

For one of my research projects I needed the flags of all countries. These national flags are often available as icons or bitmap graphics, but it was difficult to find them in a vector format, such as SVG. Here are some sources for bitmap flags:

Wikimedia has a full overview of all the flags with links to the flags in various formats. But I needed them all together on my computer for processing, so I harvested them all an put them into one zip file. All the flags are under Creative Commons License, so feel free to use them. You can download the All National Flags In Vector Format (SVG).


23 thoughts on “Flags of all countries in vector format”

  1. Wonderful job, tones of thanks to you for sharing these flags, on single click I got all flags vector. Thank you so much again n again. :)

  2. Brilliant, thank you, very generous! … just gotta find one for Cayman Islands now.

  3. Thank you so very much. We needed these for a school function in New Delhi and you have made our work so easy.

  4. Thanks for these, but when I try to open an svg file in Illustrator I get this error: “The following item could not be imported properly. -Clipping will be lost on roundtrip to Tiny” and the UK flag for example which I want to use displays incorrectly. ANy suggestions? I have tried the place method and then tried to find the clipping path to remove it but cannot find it

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