The highest Jenga Tower Ever

Saki and me had a good daddy and daughter morning and we decided to build the tallest Jenga tower ever. This is of course not based on playing the game, but based on using only the blocks in the original set. Our tower was 144 cm high. Can you build a taller tower?

144 cm Jenga tower
144 cm tall Jenga tower
128.6 cm tall Jenga tower
128.6 cm tall Jenga tower
A 97.2 cm tall Jenga tower
A 97.2 cm tall Jenga tower

4 thoughts on “The highest Jenga Tower Ever”

  1. Nice tower – interesting technique with the 3 legs. I built a tower 20.23 Jenga blocks high (1 block higher than yours) using 4 legs to start then 2 legs then 1. My son and I have been struggling to find an official record for “tallest tower made from a single set of ordinary Jenga”

  2. Great, today I tried to make it with my son and we also able to make it upto 18 floors. It was very nice experience after completing this. Really a great challenge.
    We got 51 blocks and used all of those, but when I counted yours then I found 52 blocks are used.
    Just wanted to know if you got 1 extra block or its 54 blocks Jenga?

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