Galaxy Explorer 6000

The LEGO Galaxy Explorer is amongst one of the most popular sets of all times. In 1980 LEGO published the Idea Book 6000 that contained an alternative build for the Galaxy Explorer. The building instructions were sketchy at best. I built the Galaxy Explorer 6000 model for the Moonbase 42 at the Christchurch Brick Show 2015 and I also created an LDD file for it. The building instructions are available here. It has been great fun to re-create this spaceship from my childhood. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the original 497 Space Explorer in all its glory:

4 thoughts on “Galaxy Explorer 6000”

  1. Hi (from a fellow researcher),
    I’m trying to build the 6000 but you seem to be using two 6 x 14 plates which are instead not part of the original set (and also not listed among the parts of your MOC). The same happens e.g. for the piece you attach underneath in step 15.
    Could you please clarify these problems?

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