New Podcast Episode: Artificial Artificial Intelligence

New Podcast Episode on the Terrible Foundation, Turing Test and Artificial Intelligence.

I am proud to announce my new Human-Robot Interaction Podcast Episode: Artificial Artificial Intelligence. Alan Turing devised the Imitation Game as a test the intelligence of machines. This test is also used in human-robot interaction. But what happens if not a computer is trying to convince you that it is a human, but a human is trying to deceive you in thinking he is an artificial intelligence? In this episode we will discuss the Turing Test, the Zach super computer and what it means to think. I interviewed Diane Proudfoot and David Farrier about the Terrible Foundation, Turing Test and Artificial Intelligence.

Raspberry C64 Pi Computer

Running A Raspberry Pi 4 in a C64 case with fully functional keyboard and USB hub.

I integrated a Raspberry Pi 4 into a Commodore C64 Maxi case. The Pi uses the integrated keyboard and the USB hub. An integrated power supply provides power to both, the Pi and the C64, which now run in parallel. The Raspberry Pi boots from an internal SSD drive, turning this machine into a full desktop computer that can also run Retro Pi for true retro gaming.


Parts List


Technical Drawings

The technical drawings are available here.



New Podcast Episode: The Rise And Fall of ATR

My new podcast episode is available.

My new podcast epidote of the Human-Robot Interaction Podcast is now available. The Rise And Fall Of ATR explores the history of The Advanced Telecommunications Institute International in Japan. I interview Takayuki KandaMichita Imai and Dylan F. Glas about their work at ATR and their lives afterwards.