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Visions of the future

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Design transforms our current world into a preferred state. Conclusions about what such preferred states are, requires in depth knowledge about ethics, economics and technology. But since these preferred states are situated in the future, they always include a certain amount of speculation.

Science Fiction books and films speculate about possible futures and technological developments. This genre has a rich history of ideas and stories. They often reflect the current trends in our society. The original Star Trek TV series, for example, reflected the cold war. The united earth symbolized America, whereas the Klingons represented the USSR.

Understanding the social and cultural dimensions of Science Fiction, enables the students to make better choices in their designs. Designers are at the pivot point of creating brave new worlds and they require knowledge about what visions of the future exist to be able to avoid a 1984.

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Introduction To Design Research

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Design research can be done during any phase of the design process. It requires a specific way of thinking to reason from your design question to conclusions relevant for your design process. Many different research approaches can be applied during a design process. However, the global manner of setting up a study is usually very similar.

This assignment will teach students to go through this process by providing underlying theories and showing how this can be applied to a real design research study. The assignment will be taught by 1 assignor from each of the four design research groups of the faculty to show the diversity of design research approaches.

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CHI2009 Ribbons

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For the CHI2009 conference, we prepared unofficial ribbons and distributed them amongst the attendees. We were inspired by Brad Myers collection of CHI conference badges and ribbons. All of our 400 ribbons were gone at the end of the conference and a photo of the table on which the ribbons were presented was shown during the closing session’s slide show. It was just great fun. Below you see my conference badge and I found a few other pictures [picture1, picture2].

The unofficial CHI2009 ribbons

The unofficial CHI2009 ribbons

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Scientometric Analysis Of The CHI Proceedings

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The full text of our paper “Scientometric Analysis Of The CHI Proceedings” is now available. In addition, we published the complete rankings and tables in an online appendix. Find out where your organization is ranked amongst the CHI contributors and how the CHI conference developed over the years. The video recording of the presentation is available at SciVee.

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