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My work has never before been subject to a cartoon. Here you go: Maschinensprech

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LEGO NXT boxes arrived

Posted by on Jul 13, 2010 in Project | 1 comment

LEGO is sponsoring our ROILA project and today 20 Mindstorms NXT boxes and one cubic meter of LEGO Technic arrived (estimated value of 7000 EUR). I am not sure how I can keep our PhD students away from playing LEGO all day. :-)

LEGO NXT and Technic

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LEGO Augmented Reality

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An extremely convincing example of augmented reality. You can put any LEGO box in front of the screen and it will project (and animate) the model onto the box.

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Visual Design for the HRI2009 Conference

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In 2009, I was responsible for the design of the visual communication for the HRI conference. This included the design of the web site, the program, posters, CD-Labels. I compiled a poster that shows all the graphics produced.

Visual Communication of the HRI2009 Conference

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