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PhD opening in Human Robot Interaction

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The HIT Lab NZ at the Canterbury University (Christchurch, New Zealand) has the following vacancy for a PhD student:

Understanding Anthropomorphism and Animacy In The Interaction Between Users and Robots

Project description

Robots that interact with humans are becoming increasingly important in our society. However, their life-like appearance and behavior is challenging their acceptance. In this project will establish new fundamental understanding of the role that anthropomorphism and animacy play in the behavior of robots when interacting with users. Methods will include the design, implementation and evaluation of a computational model of anthropomorphism and animacy in a robot. This model will enable robots to adapt their behavior to the user at an adequate level of perceived anthropomorphism and animacy, similar to the way adults adapt their behavior when interacting with children. Research outcomes will demonstrate how robots can match their interaction behavior with their abilities to perform tasks.

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Summer Scholarships Available

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I have been able to acquire scholarships for students to come and work in New Zealand during the summer (November-February). Please do consider applying for them to have a productive and amazing summer in Christchurch.

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The South Island Trip 2: Lake Tekapo Observatory

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We visited the Lake Tekapo, New Zealand. We went up to the mountain to visit the observatory. The panoramic view was amazing.

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Book review by The Brickshow

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The amazing Jason Forthofer from The Brickshow reviewed the catalog and the video is now available:

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The South Island Trip 1: Lake Wanaka

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We visited the Lake Wanaka in Otago, New Zealand. The panoramic view was amazing. I took a panoramic photograph at the water front.

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