Connect to windows server at the TU/e using Mac OS X

The Department of Industrial Design at the Eindhoven University of Technology offers two servers to its staff and students. The so called “S Drive” is a shared drive to which many people can share access rights. The “G Drive” is your personal server on which you can place your website, but also any other documents you would like to have backed up. In case that you are working from outside the TU/e, you need to first connect to the TU/e network using a VPN.

Enter server address


Add the server address and the login information. In case of your G Drive, this will be your windows login name. In case of the S Drive, this will be “common”. For students, the IP address is “” for their G Drive. For the S Drive, the students have to use the IP address show in the picture, but use “idstudent$” for the login.

Add your credentials


Add your windows login and password. If you check the box “Remember this password in my keychain”, you will not have to re-enter the password at a later point in time.

Automatically connect to your S and G Drive with AppleScript

You can use an easy Apple Script to mount the G:Drive and the S:Drive. Use the Apple Script Editor to edit the scripts and save them as applications. Please replace your userName and password with your personal data. Then you only have to drag&drop them into the “startup items” in your System Preferences>User Accounts.

This is the G: Drive script:

tell application “Finder”
mount volume “smb://TUE;username:password@”
end tell

This is the script for the shared drive s:

tell application “Finder”
mount volume “smb://TUE;username:password@”
end tell

You can also use the smb line in your “connect to server” dialoge.

6 thoughts on “Connect to windows server at the TU/e using Mac OS X”

  1. Christoph, a million and one thank yous!

    I used command-k from Finder to get to the first dialog box.

  2. On Ubuntu, you can do the following:

    * Go to Places -> Connect to server..
    * Select “Service type” as “Windows share”
    * Enter server address as above, e.g. “”
    * Enter the name of the share, e.g. your login name or “common” in the case of the S: Drive
    * Fill in your user name at “User Name:”
    * Click next to “Add Bookmark” and enter the name that you’d like to give the folder under “Bookmark Name:”.
    * Click “Connect”. Enter “tue” for the domain and enter your password.

    I’ve tested this on the latest version of Ubuntu, 10.04 Lucid Lynx.

  3. thanks a lot. I finally got it to work :)

    important note: use ‘TUE\yoursnumber’ as login. everything else will not work.
    I can only access my G drive by connect to server. the apple script doesnt seem to do a lot.


  4. got a question.
    Do you know how to access the w drive as well?
    guess you need the correct ip to connect to that folder using smb:\\

    the w drive is located at TUE\studentf\w……$
    no idea how to get there in mac ;)

    would be great if theres a solution for that

  5. I am following your walkthrough to connect at the g drive of tue but i take this message.. could you plz help me?(send me at my email plz!

    There was an error connecting to the server “”. Check the server name or IP address, and then try again.

    If you are unable to resolve the problem contact your system administrator.

  6. I have the same problem as Nick ad would greatly appreciate some help to resolve it. Thanks.

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