Creating PDF bookmarks from Microsoft Word on Mac OS X

The bookmark feature of Adobe Acrobat (PDF) is really useful. It allows the reader of a PDF document to see the structure of the document and by clicking on the structure, you can navigate to the referenced section. Microsoft Word creates such structures through the use of styles. The automatic generation of the table of contents is based on it. Adobe Acrobat for Windows allows users to transform the document structure (based on styles) into PDF bookmarks. But no such luck for the Mac version of Adobe Acrobat. The conversion settings are not Word specific, but are set in the Distiller settings, that are used for the whole system. I think that it is a shame that Adobe withholds this useful feature from the Mac users.

2 thoughts on “Creating PDF bookmarks from Microsoft Word on Mac OS X”

  1. Yes, It’s a shame, especially since Word 2010 Windows can do that even without a plug-in from Adobe. So even at MS they found a way to do it. I wonder why they don’t on the Mac.

  2. Yep, it’s actually triple worse:
    1. Word 2011 for mac murders all hyperlinks when (native mac) saved as PDF
    2. OK, let’s get Acrobat. Adobe don’t sell Acrobat Standard for mac. They think mac users have more money than sense (no comment) and are happy to pay £450 for Acrobat Pro.
    3. Good thing I didn’t buy Acro Pro. Acro pro apparently can’t create bookmarks either.

    It’s just crazy. Creating PDF bookmarks is the most fundamental thing! Acro Pro can probably do all sorts of whizzy things like embed 3D Flash movies, that no-one ever uses, but it can’t do the most fundamental one… I’m gobsmacked. The solution is probably to install Windoze & Word 2010 on mymac.

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