Endnote Toolbar Not Visible in Microsoft Word 2011 for Mac

The Endnote Cite While Your Write (CWYW) Toolbar does seem to cause trouble every once in a while. It may be disabled, not visible or simply gone. Endote has a FAQs that list a couple of solutions for the problem. But none of them brought my toolbar back. In the end I found the solution:

Go to Microsoft Word and select Tools > Templates and Add-Ins…

Then make sure that that the Endote CWYW Commands.dot and Endnote CWYW Word 2011.bundle are loaded:

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  1. How to downlad “EndNote CWYW Commands.dot”, beacause it is missed in my mac :(

  2. Thank you! Nobody else seemed to offer a solution for what to do if you accidentally closed the toolbar and couldn’t find it again. So glad to find this.

  3. thank you a lot. I found the “EndNote CWYW Commands.dot” in Endnote folder.

  4. Sorry, but this did not help at all. How do you load these items if they are missing?? It does not say how to load them and I have tried pressing the “Add….” button and clicking on bundles to no avail.

  5. I could not find “EndNote CWYW Commands.dot” in Endnote folder.

    Please tell me where it is located.


  6. Brilliant! Even the folks at Thomson Reuters could not provide such a helpful and understandable solution. Thank you very much!

  7. If it is empty, open Endnote in Applications, keep opening folders till you find the missing items. Drag them onto the desk top. Find Word in Office in Applications, then drag the items into Word. It all works fine then.

  8. I did exactly that and both buttons are already checked. Yet the toolbar remains missing. Any ideas?

  9. If the tools do not appear:

    Close Word and EndNote.
    Open your hard drive and go to the folder: EndNote X-: Applications:EndNote X-:Cite While You Write
    Copy the file EndNote CWYW Word 2011.bundle
    Go to the folder Applications:Microsoft Office 2011:Office:Startup:Word and paste the copied file
    Start Word, go to Word > Preferences and click on File Locations
    Make sure the Startup folder is set by highlighting Startup and clicking on Modify. Navigate to Applications folder then Microsoft Office 2011:Office:Startup:Word and click Choose
    Click OK and close Word.
    Start EndNote and then start Word.

  10. In my word the EndNote Cwyw Command.dot was missing. I found it here: Libary:Application Support:EndNote
    I just darg and dropped it onto word – bang!

  11. Hi when I try the above suggestion it comes up with this

    “word could not add this add-in program”

  12. Thanks Gumel–that was a magnificent set of instructions, which quickly solved my problem!

  13. Unfortunately, in my file locations there is no startup folder. Does anyone know how I can make it appear there?

    Thank you so much!

  14. Hey _ I still can’t get it…neither solution works! I have a student version of Word for Mac and ‘Microsoft Office’ doesn’t appear in the list of Apps – only the individual Word, excel etc. Also in the View dropdown in Word – toolbars isn’t there!! This is driving me insane!

  15. I have followed the instructions provided by both Christoph and Gumel. Unfortunately neither of them are working..

    Christopher: When i try to select the add in’s in word they are greyed out and it will not let me select them.

    Gumel: I get “Word can not load this add-in program. EndNote CWYW Word 2011.bundle” on start up.

    Can someone please help me out with what this means and other possible solutions, I cannot find any decent information anywhere!!!!

    Thanks :) Michelle

  16. Thank you for the solutions, althought non have yet worked.
    I am having the same problem as Emma, Emma, have you found an answer yet?

    Thanks, Rhianna

  17. Same problem like Emma and Michelle: Microsoft Word 2015 for MAC and endnote x7 and I can find no way to connect them, which means: I cannot write my paper…Help! Please!

  18. I had the same problem as Michelle. I tried to reinstall Endnote from the original disc and it automatically added CWYW module. Everything is back to normal!
    Hope this helps,

  19. You are awesome. For some reason the garbage always breaks down when you need it most. Thanks for the advice – worked for me.

  20. Chris, I have the exact same problem. I believe you nailed the problem but I still can not fix my issue. Unfortunately, my endnote seems to miss the “EndNote Commander.dot” file. I couldn’t find it in the web. Do you know if I could get somewhere else?

  21. I moved on to Office 2016 and Endnote 7.5. So I can’t really tell, but I would assume it would be there again if you reinstall your version of Endnote.

  22. Hello everyone,
    I have the same problem as most people here. I use MS Office 2011 and Endnote X8 and I can’t finde the “EndNote CWYW Commands.dot”. I tried everthing elso so I guess this is the only option left. Where can I find it??

    Greeting from Germany

  23. if you have no item it this box you can add endnote tab by app endnote. open endnote app, click on endnote button (left, up corner)>customizer> cite while you write addition for Microsoft word.

  24. Hey, I found out why “EndNote CWYW Commands.dot” didn’t show up. For Endnote to work properly you need Visual Basic to be installed. If there is not a single file in Applications/Microsoft Office 2011/Office that starts with “Visual Basic”, than it is not installied on your Mac. In that case, reinstall Word 2011 for Mac. It worked for me.

  25. Thanks to Maryam, “if you have no item it this box you can add endnote tab by app endnote. open endnote app, click on endnote button (left, up corner)>customizer> cite while you write addition for Microsoft word.” >> this solution is the best, fast and no problem.

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