Cadbury Energy Chocolate Scam

Cadbury Energy Chocolate Bar

Many products are being sold that are suppose to increase your energy. Unless your food is completely indigestible, this will always be true. Food by definition has calories which provide you with energy. But food manufactures have moved on and this trivial definition of energy is rarely used. These days energy food typically contains Caffeine. In particular energy drinks, such as Red Bull, Mother and V contain a considerable dose.

Cadbury is selling a chocolate bar called “Energy” and while I was not expecting anything as good as Methamphetamin in it, as it was done during the Second World War, I hoped that there would be at least a grain of truth in their advertisement. The ingredients list did not reveal anything that would suggest “energy”. The only thing I learned from looking up the ingredients on their web page is that there is a problem with their SSL certificate. Maybe they are trying to hide this product?

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I contacted Cadbury and ask them about their secret energy ingredient and in an email they informed me that their Energy bar chocolate is a New Zealand specific brand and in 1936 they used its calorie value to justify its title. It contains 2200kJ per 100 gr. Their own Dairy Milk Chocolate contains 40kj more: 2240kj. Cadbury Dream even contains 2350kJ.

The time in which a high calorie value is a sales argument has long passed. These days we are interested in reducing our calorie intake. The Cadbury Energy Chocolate is a scam. It does not contain anything above what a regular chocolate bar contains. It even has less energy than their regular milk chocolate.

7 thoughts on “Cadbury Energy Chocolate Scam”

  1. Cadbury Energy is formulated to be delicious so you can gobble down half a bar at once while hiking. This is a secret known only to New Zealander’s; you might be the first foreigner to ever learn this.

  2. Quite simply it is the best tasting chocolate bar I have tasted in recent times. Before that the only other chocolate experience that matched it was when i was a child in the 70’s KitKat bars sometimes had a ‘defective’ bar where the wafer was missing so that it was solid chocolate instead. The taste of that solid chocolate when that happened in a KitKat was the best chocolate I had ever tasted. Ever since then I have tried to chase that taste in other chocolate bars but never found it until one day a friend returned from holiday in NZ and had one of these NZ Cadbury’s Chocolate Energy bars. I don’t know what technique Cadbury’s NZ used to achieve it but I am so sad that it appears it is no longer in production.

  3. It’s hardly a scam as any New Zealander will tell you. This has been our best selling dark chocolate since 1934.

  4. You used to be able to get 50g bars of this so-called “Energy Chocolate”, which was an ideal size for a snack on the trail when camping.
    However, the smallest size now seems to be the 180g – which doesn’t really matter because simple maths will tell you that the 50g Dairy Milk bar will give you 1120kJ – 20kJ more than the 50g “Energy” chocolate… or you could buy some Whittaker’s Dark Ghana which has a whopping 1160kJ per 50g bar.
    You’re better off buying Whittaker’s chocolate anyway, rather than putting money in the pockets of the filth at Mondelēz International (the company that owns Cadbury and gets its cocoa beans via child labour)

  5. I hope this “article???” isn’t responsible for this product being withdrawn.
    I’m addicted to it but havn’t been able to find it at Countdown or P & S for over a month

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