Velvet Pure Scam

I probably receive an average amount of spam in my email inbox but also through my regular mail. This week I received a peculiar brochure in my post box advertising health products from a company called “Velvet Pure“:

Deer Velvet from Velvet Pure

The promises made in it are just as outrageous as lipstick that this gentleman put on. To make things even more interesting, their website makes some very interesting claims for their Athletic Capsules:

“The success of Russian athletes and body builders has been attributed to the use of Deer Antler Velvet in olympic training programes, significantly increasing endurance and muscular strength. Western research supports these findings and this is attracting the attention of sports doctors and trainers around the world.”

Given the recent Russian doping scandals, this might not be the best advertising, but what upsets me even more is the claim that western research supports these findings. Studies showed that any effects are at best inconsistent and the best we can say is that deer velvet is probably mainly harmless. Deer Velvet does also not help you with your sex live. The New Zealand Medical Association came to the conclusion that:

“Claims made for velvet antler supplements do not appear to be based upon rigorous research from human trials, although for osteoarthritis the findings may have some promise.”

I have seen a good amount of spam, but this little treasure is worth while reporting on.

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