Panoramic photographs of Egyptian temples

Some years ago I visited Egypt and took panoramic photos of Egyptian temples with my old analogue camera. Upon my return I scanned the slides and turned the panoramic photos in a QuickTime VR scenes. Technology moved on and today the available bandwidths and screen sizes have increased dramatically. It was time to revisit my panoramas.

Luckily, the original scans survived on CD-ROMs and I used Kolor’s AutoPano Pro to generate new scenes. The web viewer is now based on the omnipresent Flash. Enjoy the digitally remasters director cut of the Temples of Egypt.

Pictures from the building of the CAVE and the New Technology Conference 2009

We presented our LIVE HISTORY movie on October 28th, 2009 at the New Technology Conference in the ING House. Below you can see some impressions of the building process and the final presentation. We were able to borrow the medieval costumes from the Historisch Openluchtmuseum Eindhoven.

Live History movie for the Nationaal Historisch Museum

The Nationaal Historisch Museum (NHM) asked us to envision how visitors could experience the upcoming NHM museum. We spend three months on developing a concept, preparing the technology and finally creating a demonstration video. We hope that you enjoy the movie. More background information is available on our Live History website. I would like to thank Billy Schonenberg, Alex Juarez and Aya Bartneck for their great efforts.