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Neural Network Manager for Lego Mindstorms NXT

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The Neural Network manager for NXT is a Java Graphical User Interface which allows Lego fans to easily create, manage and train a neural network which can be exported and used in any program to be designed to run on the LEGO NXT. The total system comprises of two main parts, a UI running on the NXT and the Neural Network Manager running on the PC. The Neural network is created by the Neural Network Manager and can once trained be exported to a Java file that should be compiled and uploaded to the NXT. The NXT side of the system handles the I/O with the sensors (in our application the LEGO Sound sensor) and the communication with the PC. It pre-processes the data and sends it to the PC side via a bluetooth or USB connection.

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Drunken Lemers

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This Dilbert Episode made me laugh real hard.

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Mobile post

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Wed 02/04/2008 09:07 02042008001

My first blog post from my mobile.

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