Monthly Archives: November 2009

Panoramic photographs of Egyptian temples

Some years ago I visited Egypt and took panoramic photos of Egyptian temples with my old analogue camera. Upon my return I scanned the slides and turned the panoramic photos in a QuickTime VR scenes. Technology moved on and today the available bandwidths and screen sizes have increased dramatically. It was time to revisit my panoramas.

Luckily, the original scans survived on CD-ROMs and I used Kolor’s AutoPano Pro to generate new scenes. The web viewer is now based on the omnipresent Flash. Enjoy the digitally remasters director cut of the Temples of Egypt.

Open Access publishing at Springer as a member of TU/e

Today I was very pleased when I submitted my manuscript to Springer. I received the following notice:

Open Access at no cost to authors due to institutional arrangement
You’ve identified yourself as affiliated to the Eindhoven University of Technology. A special arrangement between Springer-SBM and the Eindhoven University of Technology – Netherlands allows all articles from affiliated authors to be published as Open Access, and any payments for Open Access will be automatically covered by that arrangement.

It is great that the Universities in the Netherlands have come to an agreement with Springer!

Mac Software Bundles

The idea to sell software in a bundle at a discount is now completely unleashed. Today I counted the following sales:

  1. The Mac Sale
  2. One Finger Discount
  3. MacHeist Nano Bundle (the full next bundle will be released soon
  4. The Mac Bundles
  5. The daily Mac Update Promos
  6. Mac Friendly
  7. Give good food 2 your mac
  8. Mac bundle box
  9. MacGraphoto

You can even create your own bundle to help cancer research.