eMuu is an embodied emotional Robot designed as an interface between the ambient intelligent home and its inhabitants. This project was carried out as a cooperation between Philips Research, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and the Advanced Telecommunication Research Institute International (ATR). eMuu is an ongoing project in the Social Robotics track at the Department of Industrial Design at the TU/e.

A salient feature of the ambient intelligent home of the future will be the natural interaction between the home and its inhabitants through speech. An embodied home character, such as eMuu, could be the social entity necessary to provide natural dialogues. This character would have to be able to utilize the full range of communication channels, including emotional expressions, to give intuitive feedback to the user. The research topics in this project included emotional expressiveness of robots, the embodiement of characters and emotional models of characters.

eMuu is based on the robot Muu, that was developed by Michio Okada from ATR. Muu focuses on the social bonding with humans. The character also works as an embodied interface that mediates the social bonding that people establish in everyday conversations. Christoph Bartneck extended Muu with the ability to express emotions and named it emotional Muu, or eMuu. This robot is part of our the Social Robotics research track.

eMuu Related Publications

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eMuu in the press

Pictures and Movies of eMuu and Muu

High resolution pictures are available upon request.

eMuu angry eMuu sad eMuu happy eMuu tower
eMuu tower inside Muu Muu Muu
RoboFesta Video
RoboFesta Video, 15min
(QuickTime, 42.3MB)

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