Results – Lego Beyond Toys 3

The goal of this master class is to create expansion packs for the Lego Mindstorms NXT product. The student follow a series of lectures on the underlying technologies and in the end design and build their extension pack.

WiFi communication with the NXT

by Sjef Fransen

Sjef have designed the WifiBlock extension kit. This kit consist of hardware, software and application examples.

Project Report Sjef Fransen

Parachuting Robot With Altimeter

by Niels Molenaar

A barometer allows the robot to sense the air pressure, and use this to calculate the height. The NXT uses this information to deploy it’s parachute on the appropriate time to land safely back on the ground.

Project Report Niels Molenaar

LED Brick

by Wouter van Dijk

This brick of five full-color LEDs can be controlled from a NXT.

Project Report Wouter Van Dijk

Climbing Robot with Passive Suction Cups

by Niko Vegt

This robot can climb on flat surfaces using suction cubs.

Project Report Niko Vegt

Lego Positioning System

by Maarten Brugmans

A positioning system using infrared beacons.


Project Report Maarten Brugmans

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  1. Nice! (warning, throwing your NXT off a tall building does in fact invalidate your waranty..!)

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