Spirograph Automaton made with LEGO Mindstorms EV3

This Spirograph Automaton is a LEGO drawing machine based on the the popular toy and the ideas of PG52. This version extends previous designs by using LEGO Mindstorms EV3. The Spirograph Automaton knows when the pattern is complete and lifts the pen at the right time. You no longer have to observe the machine to stop it when the drawing is complete. The gears are optimized to give fast results so that the children do not have to wait too long. I also build a coin detector that triggers the Spirograph Automaton.

The building instructions are available.


Please notice that the instructions do not include the three Mindsensors’ GlideWheel-AS sensors. They are not part of the LDD library. And neither is the part 14720 (Technic, Liftarm 3 X 5 Perpendicular H-Shape Thick) of which you will need two. You will also need four rubber bands, may it be from LEGO or otherwise. You can also consider using the Technic Changeover Plate (6631) for a better gear shifting experience. The complete parts list is available at ReRrickable.

The required software is available here. You need to run the program “calibrate” before running the program “draw”. Otherwise you will get a file reading error.

11 thoughts on “Spirograph Automaton made with LEGO Mindstorms EV3”

  1. Hello Christoph!
    your spirograph is awesome! I like the fact, that it knows when the drawing is finished. Thats pretty cool! :D I tried to figure out how to calculate the rotation goal but i failed. :/ could you maybe explain how this works? Thanks a lot!

  2. Just download the software and have a look how it works.

  3. …and that’s the problem. I can understand code written in Java or C, but when I look at this Lego Lab View stuff i don’t understand anything….

  4. Hi Christoph,
    When ever I try to get the building instructions for this project on Scribd, it says that it is not public and the owner has to give you the link. Can you please help me on that?

  5. Hi Christoph,

    Can I get a link to download the instruction? For some reason, Scribd doesn’t allow me to download it.


  6. HI Christoph-san,

    Same here.
    How I can get the instruction?
    I have joined Scribd, but It seems they don’t provide it anymore.

    Thank you.

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