iOS Just Got A Paper On Nuclear Physics Accepted At A Scientific Conference

Automatically generating scientific articles has become easy with dedicated software such as SCIgen. Even a paper that only repeated the sentence “Get me of your fucking mailing list” was recently accepted for publication. Today I received an invitation from the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics to submit a paper. Since I have practically no knowledge of Nuclear Physics I resorted to iOS auto-complete function to help me writing the paper. I started a sentence with “Atomic” or “Nuclear” and then randomly hit the auto-complete suggestions. The text really does not make any sense. After adding the first illustration on nuclear physics from Wikipedia, some references and creating a fake identity (Iris Pear, aka Siri Apple) I submitted the paper which was accepted only three hours later! I know that iOS is a pretty good software, but reaching tenure has never been this close.

UPDATE (27/10/2016): Turns out that conference organizer, OMICS Group, is currently under federal investigation.

Here is a short demonstration on how I wrote the paper:


Here is the acceptance notification:



74 thoughts on “iOS Just Got A Paper On Nuclear Physics Accepted At A Scientific Conference”

  1. oh dear, I understand that you had fun with this but clearly the invitation that you received was spam in the first place…
    No serious conference organizer would send out emails to random people (as your link with atomic physics is not existent as you said) and particularly not a month away from the conference itself…. c’mon!

  2. Anyway, the text is interesting. I don’t use this tool. Actually I don’t even use an iphone. So I’m not used to the maybe usual suggestions of the autocorrection.

    ” […] a better universe will have the right for the same as you are the way we shall have to be a great place for a great time to enjoy the day you are a wonderful person to your great time to take the fun and take a great time and enjoy the great day you will be a wonderful time for your parents and kids. Molecular diagnostics will have been available for the rest by a single day and a good day to the rest have a wonderful time and aggravation for the rest day at home time for the two of us will have a great place for the […]”

    Everything is “better”, “wonderful”, “great time”, “fun”, “good day”, “the two of us will have a great place” etc.

    Since you solely clicked on the suggestion in the middle, this looks like live is a strawberry cream cake in the “mind” of this autocorrection.

    Quite interesting.

  3. Are these guys above me just careless or really really tired.. because they are totally missing the point.

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