Simple LEGO Mindstorms Mars Rover

This is simple Mars Rover model using two LEGO Mindstorms EV3 and a total of eight motors. The two EV3 are daisy chained and the model can be controlled using the EV3 IR Remote Control. The model uses the rocker-bogie suspension system including a differential in the middle axis. The two EV3s are suspended and remain horizontal in any position. There are much more complex Mars Rover models already available using many more Mindstorm bricks. My design goal was to keep it simple and experiment with the rocker-bogie suspension system. The principles works, but there is a bit too much flexibility in the model.

The 3D model and the building instructions are available for LEGO Digital Designer. The parts list and instructions are also available at Rebrickable.


2 thoughts on “Simple LEGO Mindstorms Mars Rover”

  1. Hi Christoph…

    I was wondering if you could share your code for this build so that I can study it and learn how you achieved the working model? I have built a similar model, but am having considerable trouble with optimising the setup for steering…

    Please could you share your files of code?

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