Mechanical Keyboards Guide

A short list of the best mechanical keyboards.

Once you typed on a mechanical keyboard, you never want to go back to the stock rubber dome keyboards that come with most computers. And I am not even a gamer. I just spend a lot of time in front of computers. Even Logitech has entered the mechanical keyboard market aside from gaming with their MX Mechanical. It has become its own hobby, with enthusiast spending many hours on selecting, assembling, modifying keyboards. It is another rabbit hole. “How deep?” you ask? Just check out these YouTube Channels.

Instead of spending my own thousands of dollars, I decided I should rather eatable you to do it for me. So here we go, a list of my favourite keyboards. I have settled on the 75% form factor as the most suitable for me.

Matias Mini Tactile Pro

This Matias Mini keyboard is heavily inspired by the good old Mac keyboards and it is one of the fews that have Alps switches.

Realforce R2

They keyboard is from the same makers as legendary Happy Hacking  Key Boards (HHKB). They feature unique TOPRE switches. There is a slightly cheaper alternative available from Epomaker. The Niz 2021 T Series.

Unicomp Model Mini M

This keyboard uses buckling spring switches just like to the original IBM Model M keyboards. This is legendary. Here is a full history and review. The ten-keyless 75% version does seem currently to be sold out.

Keychron K3

This is a low profile keyboard. It’s height is much lower than any other standard mechanical keyboard without sacrificing the mechanical feel. An alternative could be the NuPhy Air75 or the Logitech MX Mechanical.

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