The Golden Ratio Course

Stephen Wolfram’s book A New Kind of Science offers an interesting view on the phenomenon of complexity. In his book it is demonstrated how systems based on very simple rules can generate complex patterns that appear random in many ways. We will make a tour trough his examples, try to understand his claims and do some experiments ourselves.

We will deepen our understanding of complexity and ways to exploit it or master it. This module is not a substitution for the classical mathematical skills of symbolic manipulation in algebra and calculus. However, we shall use the computer-math tool Mathematica, which is a very powerful tool for all kinds of math, not only the cellular automata of Wolfram’s “A New Kind of Science”. Continue reading “The Golden Ratio Course”

Lego Beyond Toys

This master class prepares for a new type of engineering discipline: design and creation of intelligent systems, products, and related services. The class will be a unique opportunity to get familiar with a number of powerful conceptual and intellectual tools to understand and create adaptive behavior at a system level. The context of Lego is chosen because it is already an example of a system. But in this class the creative goal is to make a leap forward, extending the scope of the existing system such that adaptive behavior becomes the central theme. The new Lego should be equally fascinating for grown-ups and children, women and men. Continue reading “Lego Beyond Toys”

Visual Story Telling Course

Visual Story Telling is an important skill for designers. It is necessary to illustrate scenarios, create meaningful instructions and product explanations on posters. The rapid developments in the area of 3D modeling and rendering move the focus from classical illustrations to animated stories. Examples of such work are animated building instructions and product presentations.

Being able to actually SEE each scene and every detail within it, including the perspective of the camera, the lighting and the flow within the movie requires great attention. To gain sensitivity for these aspects, the tempo of the movie needs to be reduces. Stop-animation is the perfect way to enable the students to design and perceive every scene in detail. Continue reading “Visual Story Telling Course”