LEGO Compatible Medium Sized Thrust Ball Bearing

LEGO’s turn table has considerable friction and rotating a model at an exhibition for a whole day would ruin it. A thrust ball bearing is necessary to decrease the friction. I previously 3D printed a large bearing for my Unikitty. For this year’s exhibition I needed a smaller thrust ball bearing so I designed a new medium sized ball bearing. It includes liftarms to hold a worm wheel which results in a rotation ratio of 1:78. You can download the model from A360 and GrabCAD.

You can view this model in 3D:

The technical drawing is also available in case you intend to manufacture the ball bearing in a different way.

LEGO Compatible Medium Sized Thrust Ball Bearing Drawing by Christoph Bartneck on Scribd

3 thoughts on “LEGO Compatible Medium Sized Thrust Ball Bearing”

  1. Hi, I have this printing just now. Am building a 3D scanner gimbal for my mobile phone. Using Lego and Arduino.Can you let me know what diameter balls you used ?

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