RACE2 – Super fast LEGO RC off road car

RACE2 is the fastest LEGO off road car. The 4WD RC car can get over rocks and obstacles fast. It is an improved version of my original RACE car. The building instructions are available as well as the LEGO Digital Designer file (LXF). It is a simplified and more robust version of the original RACE car.

Here is the 3D model in Sketchfab exported from Stud.io. Unfortunately Stud.io does not yet have the L-motor (88003) in their parts list, so you have to use your imagination to fill the gaps.

Fast, small, agile and light LEGO RC Car

This video shows a very fast LEGO car. It is light, small and agile. The batteries can be easily exchanged. The servo steering make it easy to drive around in small spaces. But it can also speed up big time on long straights. The building instructions are available here and also as a LDX file. The MOC has been posted to Rebrickable.

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 R2-D2

Today I finally got some time to play with the new LEGO Mindstorms EV3. I upgraded my R2-D2 model so that it can now turn its head. This was possible due to the small new motor that comes with the set. EV3 has four inputs and four outputs. But the box unfortunately only contained three motors and three sensors. I also noticed that several very basic LEGO Technic parts, such as the 3/4 connector pin, are not included. On the plus side, there are several  36 Tooth Double Bevel Gears. The EV3 comes loaded with some programs, one of them being an Infrared controller software. I was able to use it directly to control two motors of R2-D2.

I will now start exploring the software…