Challenge Completed

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I completed the National Novel Writing Month competition. 50.000 words in less than a month. An amazing experience and I happy with the result. Yes, it will still require a lot of revisions and extensions, but the rough draft of the novel is done.


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CHI, a community of procrastinators?

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I just visited the Precision Conference website for SIGCHI and it shows the number of logins for the last couple of days. It is amazing how dramatically it spiked on the day of the submission deadline. The CHI community seems to be filled with deadline junkies. For a community that is interested in improving the human experience, we cannot be proud of ourselves.

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 8.05.27 AM

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University of Canterbury 2013 Bridge Building Competition

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Here are some fun scenes from today’s Bridge Building Competition. The water was freezing and all students took a dive.

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Panorama of Kaikoura

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We visited Kaikoura and took a quad bike tour. We ended up on the coast with an amazing view:

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What if… we accepted robots as our equals

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Presenting another of UC’s thought provoking ‘What If’ wednesday public lectures. In this lecture, Christoph Bartneck poses the question “What if… we accepted robots as our equals”

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PaPeRo Arrived

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Our research project with NEC is taking shape. Today, PaPeRo arrived at UC!

PaPeRo arrived today

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