Ask your librarian

In this In this podcast episode we discuss the evolving landscape of academic publishing.

Publishing scientific papers and books is a difficult task. The arrival of the internet has the potential to dramatically change the business models, but also the review and publishing process. I discussed the changing world of publishing with Anton Angelo, Data Librarian at the University of Canterbury. We discussed Open Access, Print-on-Demand and the changing roles of libraries. We even spotted some dangerous predators in the publishing jungle. And in case of any trouble, always ask you librarian!

The Federal Trade Commission fined OMICS Group 50.1 million

It took some time, but it seems like my little sting against the OMICS group finally paid off. I had used the iOS autocomplete function to create a fake paper for one of their conferences which was accepted for publication after only three hours. I had brought my case forward to the trade commission and they now fined OMICS group. This is good news for the scientific community and I hope that this will reduce the number of predatory journals and conferences.

Here is some of the news coverage:

Special Issue on Subtle Expressivity for Characters and Robots

Call for Papers for a Special Issue on Subtle Expressivity for Characters and Robots of the The international Journal of Human-Computer Studies. Continue reading “Special Issue on Subtle Expressivity for Characters and Robots”