The laws of robotics podcast episode available

A new episode of the HRI Podcast is available:

The Laws Of Robotics

In our previous podcast episode The Good Robot we discussed the difficulty of enabling robots to act ethically. When talking to journalists or policy makers about machine ethics you frequently get the response, well, Issac Asimov already solved that problem with his three laws of robotics. These laws are so seductively simple that most will intuitively understand them. In this episode of the Human-Robot Interaction podcast, Sean Welsh and I will have a close look at these laws and try to understand why barely anybody has ever tried to use them in their robot.

Presentation at the Materials Science Engineering Congress in Darmstadt

I had a great time at the Materials Science Engineering Congress in Darmstadt on September 29 2016. I met with Frank Fischer and had some great discussions about future projects. The event was extremely well organized. Below is the recording of my keynote.

Here are some more pictures:

160929_dgm_0892 dgm-congres-photo-bartneck-fischer