Bloomberg Businessweek interviewed Omics about my nonsense paper

Esmé E Deprez and Caroline Chen from Bloomberg Businessweek visited the headquarters of Omics in India to interview its owner Srinubabu Gedela about his company. Omics is widely considered a predatory publisher that publishes papers without rigorous peer review. Confronted with the acceptance of my non-sensical paper he replied that “Bartneck’s paper slipped through because it was submitted so close to the conference’s deadline.” Yeah, right.

Media Coverage on Fake Nuclear Physics Paper

The media has reported extensively on my little nuclear physics paper. Here is a short overview:

I have also completed and interview with Geoff Hutchison from ABC Radio Perth:

Radio CBC:

Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand:

Honorable Paper at CHI2010

Our paper entitled “Expressive robots in education – Varying the degree of social supportive behavior of a robotic tutor” received an honorable mentioning from SIGCHI at the CHI2010 conference. This means that our paper has been within the top 5 percent of all full papers. Here is the abstract:

Teaching is inherently a social interaction between teacher and student. Despite this knowledge, many educational tools, such as vocabulary training  programs, still model the interaction in a tutoring scenario as unidirectional knowledge transfer rather than a social dialog. Therefore, ongoing research aims to develop virtual agents as more appropriate media in education. Virtual agents can induce the perception of a life-like social interaction partner that  communicates through natural modalities such as speech, gestures and emotional expressions. This effect can be additionally enhanced with a physical  robotic embodiment. This paper presents the development of social supportive behaviors for a robotic tutor to be used in a language learning application. The effect of these behaviors on the learning performance of students was evaluated. The results support that employing social supportive behavior increases  learning efficiency of students.


Saerbeck, M., & Bartneck, C. (2010). Expressive robots in education – Varying the degree of social supportive behavior of a robotic tutor. Proceedings of the 28th ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI2010), Atlanta. | DOI: 10.1145/1753326.1753567